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Date: July 24, 2019/Speaker: Father Fortes
José Antonio Fortea Cucurull (born in Barbastro, Spain, October 11, 1968) also known as Father Fortea is a Spanish writer, and a Roman Catholicpriest of the diocese of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). He was appointed an exorcist in the past, but is no longer in office. He is the author of a blog for InfoVaticana.
His father was a businessman and did not expect him to become a priest, but to take charge of the family business since he was his only son. Father Fortea acknowledges that up until his adolescence, religion lacked importance for him and that the concept of sin seemed to be an anachronism. He valued the Church on the same level of Greek Mythology. During that period of time, he had in mind to pursue studies in Law School. However, when he turned 15 years old, his perspective had a radical change and, in his own words, he understood that “he was a sinner and that the Church was the truth.” He attributed this change to a grace from God. The same year, he finds himself considering the possibility of becoming a priest. After looking for guidance into this new path, he took the advice of a priest who told him to join the seminary, just to rule out any doubt. Upon entering the seminary, he clearly understood that the priesthood was his calling.

He then got a bachelor’s degree in Theology at the University of Navarra and his master’s degree in the University of Comillas. Even though his specialty in Theology was on History of the Church, his licentiate thesis was about the topic of exorcism, hence the title “Exorcism in the Present Age.” The result of those investigations was published under the titled “Daemoniacum.” That publication made him known for the first time in Spain. Years later, and with a greater scope of knowledge in the topic, Summa Daemoniaca was published. This book was followed by a supplemental publication called Exorcística which provides new theoretical resources and practical cases.